VANTA was born in 2017 out of my tiny apartment in Bondi Beach. Previously, I had been working as a Deliveroo bicycle rider delivering food. After I almost got hit by a bus doing deliveries one night I decided it was time to step away from doing deliveries before I ended up as a pancake on the road.

One thing that always annoyed me while doing deliveries, especially in the Australian heat, was that no matter what underwear I wore they would either ride up my leg or cause chafing. With this in mind I set up to design a more comfortable pair of performance underwear.

I spent the next three years figuring out the product, how to market it, and what the brand stood for. It was an incredible challenging time and I almost threw in the towel a couple of times but I stuck with it and slowly things started to change.

In the last year VANTA has seen substantial growth as the product has improved, new colours have been added, and sales have risen. There is still along way to go but we are moving closer to my goal of building the BIGGEST and BEST underwear company to come out of Australia.

Thanks for supporting me, so that I can support you!